Terms and Conditions

These Terms of Service (also referred to as ‘Terms’) govern all websites and digital applications that relate to or contain references to this document and publish or make accessible to them (the site’s digital media publisher), subsidiaries, and affiliates.

You consent to the following terms by using our services.

1. Cookies and Privacy Policies

We promise to protect your privacy. By visiting our website, we may process and store your personal data as per our Privacy Policy. Also, with cookies enabled and accepting cookies through our cookie consent service, you agree to use cookies as specified in the Cookies Policy.

2. Sites that are Linked

Our websites can provide or incorporate links to other websites, digital apps, and platforms for social media (‘External Links’). There is no inspection or review of the content of external links to or from websites. We do not support or endorse the viewpoints or information expressed in these external links. We should also not be taken into account as the publisher. We are not responsible for the privacy policy and content of external links. Our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy shall not protect the collection and processing of personal data within or through any external connections.

3. Service Usage

You are not entitled, by the use of our Services, to any intellectual property rights in our Services or to any material accessed by you. You cannot use the content of our services unless you request permission from us or are otherwise approved by law. You cannot use any of the names or trademarks used in our services under these Terms and Conditions. Do not delete, confuse, or modify any legal notices shown in or with our Services.

When using our services, you agree to access, view, and use the content exclusively for your own use and not for commercial use. No part of the material may be downloaded, copied, reproduced, republished (including by means of re-posting on mobile applications or other websites), transmitted, processed, sold, or circulated without the prior written permission of the owner or otherwise permitted by law. This excludes downloading, copying, or printing the pages of the websites for personal, non-commercial home use.

It is possible to view material that does not belong to (the site’s digital media publisher) on our services. This content is the responsibility of the company, which makes it available. We may review content to determine if it is illegal or violates our policies. We may delete or fail to display content that we reasonably believe violates our policies or the law.

Every consumer needs to observe these terms and services made available to you. We will cancel or stop offering our services to you if we have caught you performing an illegal act and do not comply with our terms or policies. In connection with your use of the services, we can send you service announcements, administrative user materials, and other information.

4. Passwords, Responsibilities, and Registration

If you are to register on our website, you are responsible for updating as well as keeping your information and passwords private. In some areas or functions, some sites can only be open to registered users, including but not limited to the comment or report feature. As an unregistered user, you can access our content, but with restricted features.

(site’s digital media publisher) reserves the right to modify or modify the content of registered users. In addition, if you allow us to record your details as a registered user, we will contact you from time to time according to your preferences.

You are solely responsible for the security and use of the websites through the use of your username and password. Every member of this website should agree to contact us immediately if they are aware of any missing, stolen, or unauthorized use of their password, user ID, or email address. You will notify (site’s digital media publisher) of any changes to these details and include accurate and complete registration information.

Each registration is only for personal use by the registered user. You can not share your login details or password with any other user. (site’s digital media publisher) will not allow multiple users to have access to pages using a single name and password.

If you miss and fail to comply with any of these Terms, we will suspend your access to or terminate your registration on the Sites without further obligation to you.

5. Devices and Applications of Third Parties

Our services will be integrated with third-party apps, websites, and other services (also referred to as third-party applications) and with third-party devices that may otherwise communicate with you in order to provide those services. This third-party software and third-party devices will have their own terms of service and privacy policies, and their use will be restricted and subject to these terms of service and privacy policies.

Users must agree and understand that (the site’s digital media publisher) is not responsible for the content, actions, or functionality of any third-party devices or applications. (site’s digital media publisher) also guarantees that third-party applications or software and software of third parties are compatible or compatible with the Services.

6. User Contents

You are responsible for all the content you publish. Comments, newsletters, and other public conversation areas or features can be offered by our website that allows us to receive input and exchange information between users and our partners. Users can post, upload, or contribute content to websites through our services. Any text, photos, links, and/or other types of content may be included. While we do not control users’ content on the sites, we reserve the right to delete, transfer or edit the content of any user (which we can exercise without prior notice at our absolute discretion).

7. User Guidelines

(site’s digital media publisher) respects the same intellectual property rights and encourages you to do so. You should follow the instructions below and encourage other users to do the same. The following are not allowed for any reason:

  • Sale or rental, sub-licensing, or lease of any portion of our material or facilities
  • Violation, replication, redistribution, or reproduction of any portion of our content or services to the public of intellectual property rights (such as copyright) or disclosure to the public
  • Usage of our content or services that are not expressly allowed by the terms or applicable law
  • Restrict or obstruct some other individual’s use of the pages.
  • Bypassing any technology used by (site’s digital media publisher) or its licensees, or any third party, to protect our content or services.
  • Applied by (site’s digital media publisher) or its licensees, trying to bypass all territorial restrictions
  • Providing the password to another person or using another user’s username and password
  • Personalizing or misrepresenting the affiliation of any person or organization
  • Storing and collecting personal data from other users

As a member of our website, you are responsible for your users’ content. All rules posted on the pages or otherwise made available to you by us must be followed. You must not participate in any User Content activity, post, or log, which includes or is:

  • Promoting harassment of another user or our employees, being abusive, threatening, or carrying out some kind of personal attack
  • Any content that includes or is mean-spirited or any form of hate speech that is sexist, patriarchal, obscene, racist, or homophobic.
  • Contains any form of product and service promotion or advertising, or any chain or spam messages
  • It involves viruses, files, or code software designed to interrupt, disable, or limit the functionality of our websites.
  • Is illegal, libelous, defamatory, or liable for prejudice pending legal action or violation by the court of an injunction or other order
  • It contains aggressive philosophical commentaries or incomplete or dishonest quotations of religious texts.
  • Promoting harassment of another user or our employees, being abusive, threatening, or carrying out some kind of personal attack
  • Encourage the illegal or careless use of guns and dangerous objects, or encourage the purchase of weapons.
  • Third-party copyright infringes

You consent to hold harmless (site’s digital media publisher) liable by uploading user content to these pages for any lawsuits, costs, and expenses arising from any User Content uploaded or published by you that violates this Section.

(site’s digital media publisher) has no control over the uploading of user material on any web. (site’s digital media publisher) does not guarantee that all User Content is accurate, precise, or is in good quality. With that said, on some occasions, some website users could violate these terms and post misleading, defective, or offensive user material. You must bear all the risks and possibilities associated with your use of the sites and should not depend on user content if any user makes (or refrains from making) any specific investment or other decision.

8. Reporting of User’s Contents

If you feel that any material on our website violates your legal rights, you can use the reporting tool available in the Comment section. Through this tool, you can report harassment, filter content, or block abusive users. If the user is blocked, all blocked user comments will be removed by the platform or application. These comments are only protected by your views, and other users can still view them.

When content or comment has been reported, our staff will review it within 24 hours and decide whether to take down the post or not. If they find no violations, every report will not be affected, and the content on our pages will remain there. Through repeated abuse of the reporting feature, your connection to the websites can be terminated.

(site’s digital media publisher) would not, however, be allowed to monitor, review, or alter user content. In all cases, (site’s digital media publisher) reserves the right to disable or delete access to any user content for any reason, which is in violation of the terms at the sole discretion of (site’s digital media publisher). These actions can be taken without advance notice by you (the site’s digital media publisher) or any third party. Specifically, we intend to remove or disable user content access, but we do not guarantee to disable or remove access to any specific user content.

(site’s digital media publisher) may not entirely track infringements of third-party rights by user content. But we are confident that our users are reporting insufficient content.

9. Termination and Changes of Our Services

We reserve the right to suspend, amend, modify, add, or withdraw parts of our Services’ content, or to suspend, at our discretion, and at any time, the Services. If we interrupt a service where reasonably possible, we will notify you of reasonable advance notice.

10. Intellectual Property

10.1 The Rights You Permit to Us

You hold the ownership to any intellectual property rights owned by you in the Consumer Material. You have agreed to grant (site’s digital media publisher) a lawful, irrevocable, unlimited, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to use, store, reproduce, modify, translate, make available, distribute, and sub-license your user content in whole or in part of any form as you upload user content to any of the sites. This can include your personal information, such as user information, as well as your opinions. You waive any moral or equivalent rights you might have with regard to the user’s content, if necessary, and accepted by applicable law. If you stop using our services, this license will continue, but these services will give you the freedom to access and delete your users’ content. (site’s digital media publisher) I will contact you with the pages via email.

10.2 Rights We Permit to You

All of our content is for personal, non-commercial use only. The use of the services is limited, non-exclusive, and revocable, and we grant you a selective and revocable authorization to use our material directly and non-commercially. These rights will continue until you (the site’s digital media publisher) have removed them. You agree that you use the Services and our content for your personal and non-commercial purposes. You may not reproduce, change, display, distribute, or commercially exploit any of our material, except as specifically permitted above or subject to our prior written permission.

10.3 Software Usage

This software automatically updates the service on your device until a new version or feature is available when it requires or includes downloaded software. Some services will allow you to change your update settings automatically.

(site’s digital media publisher) grants you personal licenses to use the applications provided by (site’s digital media publisher) as part of services that are revocable, worldwide, royalty-free, unauthorized, and not exclusive. The aim of this license is to allow you to use and benefit from the services offered by the website and (the site’s digital media publisher) in the manner permitted by the terms and conditions. You can not copy, alter, distribute, sell, or lease any of our Services. This includes extracting our software’s source code or reverse-engineering it without our written permission or prohibition of these provisions.

For open-source reasons, the software is important to us. Any applications used in our services could be included in the Open Source license we make available to you. The open-source license may contain provisions that override some of these terms explicitly.

11. Limitations and Disclaimers

The information on the pages is presented on an “as is” basis. As far as the law permits, (site’s digital media publisher):

  • Excludes all representations and warrants, including any inaccuracies or omissions on these pages, relating to its pages and their content, or that any associates or other third parties provide for or are allowed to provide;
  • Liability for damages surfacing out of the use of their pages shall be withdrawn. This includes direct loss, business loss or benefit (whether or not the loss of such revenue is predictable, typically happens, or you have informed the company of the possibility of such potential loss), harm to your computer, software, systems, and applications, as well as the data stored therein, or any other direct or indirect effects and accidents that occur.

(site’s digital media publisher) will not exclude liability for personal injury or death as a result of its negligence. The exclusions and limitations referred to above shall only extend to the degree permitted by law. None of your fundamental rights to the market are impacted.

At the request of (site’s digital media publisher), you promise to safeguard, indemnify, and hold harmless (site’s digital media publisher), its associates, associates, distributors, and licensors against any litigation and expenditures related to any infringement of these Terms by you or the use of any Facilities, including appropriate legal fees.

12. Additional Terms

12.1 Severability

Every provision of these Terms shall be held by any court or other competent authority to be void, null, and unlawful for any reason. The majority of the laws remain in full force and effect in that situation.

12.2 The Entire Agreement

The Terms shall set out all the conditions agreed between you and (site’s digital media publisher) and shall replace oral or written agreements in relation to specific terms and conditions that do not explicitly negotiate between you and (site’s digital media publisher).

However, one must remember that the additional terms on the pages can govern some aspects of their service use. The disagreement prevails over additional terms, to the point that there is an irreconcilable disagreement between any other terms and such terms.

12.3 No Waiver

Any delay or non-performance by any party by any right arising out of these Terms shall not constitute any waiver of such right.

12.4 Jurisdiction and Governing Law

The present terms shall be regulated and interpreted according to Cyprus law and shall be governed and determined under Cyprus law, whether contractual or non-contractual, in any subject matter, conflict, or claim that surfaces out of or in relation to these terms. In the case of any claim or disagreement resulting from or relating to these Terms, all parties hereby irrevocably agree to the jurisdiction of Cyprus courts, independently of any of their preference or conflict of law theory.

12.5 Term Changes

(site’s digital media publisher), as deemed appropriate from time to time, retains the right to change the Terms and Conditions and, if continued, you agree to any changes. When our privacy policy is revised, we will announce whether any changes will occur on our homepage, our rules, terms, and other pages on our website. You are told periodically to read this statement again hereby. If any of our members choose not to be bound by such updates, they can discontinue using the websites after it is written. Additional terms and conditions can apply to access certain materials (site’s digital media publisher).

12.6 Force Majeure

Both parties shall not be held responsible to the other party for any failure to accomplish any responsibility under these Terms as a result of an occurrence beyond the control of that party, including any Act of God, political insurrection, rebellion, terrorism, invasion, riot, political unrest, civil or military force, revolution, earthquake, flood or any other natural or man-made eventuality beyond our control. Any party affected by such an incident shall immediately inform the other party of such an incident and make every appropriate effort to comply with the conditions laid down.

13. Contact Us

If you have any concerns, questions, or issues about these terms and conditions, please contact us by emailing us at [email protected].