Cookies Policy

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small files, typically consisting of numbers and letters. Whenever you visit those websites, the web browser of your PC or other forms of a device can contain a cookie. The purpose and role of a cookie are to store basic information such as visitor preferences. A computer cookie is sent back to the originating website each time you visit these websites. Cookies are useful because they help the websites to remember your web browser or device for a period of time.

Most Internet browsers accept cookies. Cookies. Users may track their web browsers by configuring them to deny these types of cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being planted. Many popular websites also use cookies. The functionality and services on certain websites can not even run properly without these cookies.

Kinds of Cookies We Use

The cookies mentioned below are used to boost our website. They will not contain personal details to allow us or others to identify you as someone by, for example, removing your name or contact information.

Two types of cookies can be used when you visit our website:

  1. First Party cookies — cookies that are specified and can only be read on this website via a specific website. Once a cookie is installed on your website, it is only possible to recognize such cookies on our website.
  2. Third-party cookies – Cookies that are placed by a company other than ourselves, for example, an analytical third party that sets its own web browser cookies.

The following table lists the type, purpose, and length of the cookies we use.

ServiceCookie nameTypePurpose
Google DBF_gadsThird-party cookieEnables ads
Finteza_fz_fvdtThird-party cookieHelps to remember visitor information
Finteza_fz_ssnThird-party cookieHelps to remember visitor information
Google Analytics_gid    Third-party cookieUsed to distinguish users
Google Analytics_gaThird-party cookieUsed to distinguish users
Google Analytics_gaThird-party gets limited number of request
Yandex Metrica_ym_isadThird-party cookieUsed for multiple website analysis and cross-platform
Yandex Metrica_ym_uidThird-party cookieUsed for multiple website analysis and cross-platform
Yandex Metrica_ym_visorc_31579283           Third-party cookieUsed to measure and analyze web traffic
soulUidThird-party cookieStrictly necessary cookie
DeviceThird-party cookieStrictly necessary cookie

Please note that third parties cookies are managed by relevant partners and service providers, as identified in the table above. We do not have the ability and access to track the cookies used by our partners. For specifics on using the information you receive, you can check the cookie policy of the associated third party.

Why Does Our Website Use Cookies?

We use cookies to understand better how you interact with our content. Moreover, these small files will improve the user experience because it remembers individual interests. Cookies allow us to count and keep track of how many people visit pages on our website. The use of cookies can also be clarified by the fact that they include material that suits your own interests. More precisely, they help you learn how to serve you in targeted advertisements on third-party websites to try to tailor products and services to your particular needs.

When are Cookies Used?

Any browser that loads our website will receive cookies. You can also select all types of cookies from our website by modifying your cookie settings. Below is the cookie deactivation instruction.

How to Delete/Disable Cookies?

Do note that most browsers have cookies supported by default. You can accept or prevent cookies on your PC or other devices at any time by changing your browser settings to fit your cookie preferences. See for more information on how cookies can be tracked and/or deleted. All cookies already installed on your PC and other devices can be uninstalled, and several browsers can be modified to avoid cookies being used. In these cases, however, you have to adjust those preferences manually anytime you visit a website. As a result, certain services and features couldn’t function properly.

You can use this link with a tool that prevents Google Analytics from tracking you while using any website: